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Dominicci Lights Up “Lit” At “Wartown Beatdown”

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Dominicci Lights Up “Lit” At “Wartown Beatdown”

By Tim O’Connor, New England MMA (

Worcester, Massachusetts) – It didn’t take long for fledgling Cage Fighting Xtreme to make their mark on the New England Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) scene.  No it wasn’t the creation of the “CFX Xtreme Team”, a promotional troupe parading around the state of Massachusetts creating buzz with beauties; no it wasn’t the zebra-striped Hummer Limousine those beauties traveled in; nay, it wasn’t even the ever confident Mike Varner launching CFX t-shirts into the crowd last night from a seated catapult; rather it was the cranium crushing elbows Rigo Dominicci (5-7) used to pull off the biggest upset in New England MMA since Eddie “The Tick” Felix choked out Lightweight prospect Ben Manseau.  As Dominicci’s hand was being raised so to was the outlook for the most recent MMA promotion in New England, Cage Fighting Xtreme.  CFX will also be known as the place where the MMA world was re-introduced to Serra BJJ Brown belt and TUF alumnus Dan Simmler.

“Wartown Beatdown” has served notice to the New England MMA world that new ideas and presentations can work favorably for a promotion and their fans; these ideas mark the CFX as a major up-and coming promotion.  Matchmaker Mike Varner obviously learned his lessons well under the tutelage of Full Force Productions’ Mike True and Mike Littlefield, while Linda Shields understands the power great fights can have when mixed with exciting pre-event promotions. Witnessing the complete reclamation of a fighter like Rigo Dominicci was thrilling, watching the toughness displayed by Mike Littlefield was enthralling, and reporting on another amazing MMA event in New England was exhilarating!

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