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CageFX photos (13)In a sport that is so clearly dominated by men one woman didn’t see that as a barrier but more of an opportunity. Linda Shields is the founder of Cage Fighting Xtreme, and is making noise throughout the mixed martial arts world.

The big day was January 17 2009, on that day Linda Shields went into the MMA history books by being one of the strongest MMA promoters not only in her own backyard of New England but throughout the United States.

Shields is a lady by every definition of the word but when it comes to Cage FX she rolls up her sleeves and takes it to the Xtreme. Her first major event was back in January of 2009 when Shields had the unique honor of being the first female MMA promoter in the New England area and rocked a 2,200 seat Worcester Palladium Arena.

In the world of MMA promoting the gender shouldn’t be an issue, however it is a male dominated domain so when a female makes her make it sends s rumble from sea to shining sea, this is what Linda Shileds did when she entered into the MMA promoting realm.

Her motivation is simple, its behind the business aspect of it, in her own words, “The excitement, seeing the overwhelming response from the Full Force shows and interacting with the fans, the fighters, and the sponsors it’s a an exciting opportunity,” stared Shields.

Now those of you that may not be familiar with Linda Shields, then lets clue you in , she is not a new kid on the block as it relates to the MMA arena, she has been the Marketing & Promotions Director for Full Force Productions, a MMA promoter based in Plymouth, Massachusetts which promotes MMA events under the “Untamed” banner, for well over a year.

In her time there she learned a lot about appreciation , not just of the fans but the fighters, vendors, sponsors and the press, she holds everyone in the highest regard and does not take their part in the growth of Cage FX for granted.

Although Cage FX was the latest upstart MMA promotion in the Northeast, it has quickly rose to the top of the MA promotion charts not only on a regional stand point but on a National stand point.

Shields on Cage FX “I have absolutely no concerns about fans supporting Cage Fighting Xtreme, even with our falling economy I really believe people find the time and money for leisure and excitement. There is no shortage of sales for our shows, I really believe people find the time for excitement and that’s exactly what IphonePhones 1374we’ll be giving them!”

Shields has built the organization around the local talent , and that has proven to be a key point in not only curbing expenses but also growing the fan based in the area.

Shields plans on keeping to that winning plan and this is what she had to say, “I’m weary of recruiting fighters from other states and other countries just because it’s taking a chance away from our local fighters, I want to help our local athletes promote themselves and showcase their talents. New England is packed with talented MMA athletes as we’ve already seen with the Lauzon’s, Kenny Florian, Josh Grispi, Marcus Davis, Dale Hartt, and Pat Schultz. Cage Fighting Xtreme will be the place where New England’s second generation of MMA stars ignite their careers!”

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Linda Shields, founder and president of Cage Fighting Xtreme and the “first female promoter of mixed martial arts in New England,” has quickly become “the one to watch” in the fastest growing and ever changing ever world of MMA promotions. No stranger to the PR and marketing world, Linda spent eight years working for The Bean Agency PR firm in New York. She successfully implemented and oversaw marketing and sales strategies for Alaska Airlines, Smith & Wesson Club 1852, Reed Exhibitions Shot Show Outfitter’s Post, National Shooting Sports Foundation, and Shot Show TV Showcase. Shields even lead the team project to pass Senate Bill 659 that developed into Senate Bill 397 to ultimately ending in a law. After honing her skills as a marketing executive within the business, Linda, not one to shy away from a challenge, positioned herself to tap into the unused potential she saw within the sport by creating CFX in December of 2008. Since then, her and her team have managed not only to sell out venues, but have repeatedly set the record for the largest and most exciting events in the New England area.

Also, with an extensive professional background, a love for extreme sports, (Shields is trained in firearms) and her experience in the entertainment industry in which she worked as a makeup artist to the stars. Linda made a seamless transition into the world of MMA Promotions by creating CageFX in September of 2008 with great success. Shields has a creative perspective on what it takes to keep an audience entertained while at the same time giving them top notch fights to keep them coming back for more. Live Music, fireworks, and celebrity sightings are just a few examples of what you may see at one of her events. Shields’ shows are repeatedly sold out events. She and her team have already set the record for the largest and most exciting MMA event to ever hit the New England area Combine all of this with her fierce, no nonsense approach to business, her exceptional dedication to her fighters (most of whom have signed on with CageFX exclusively,) and her love for the sport in general, and you have a force that the world of Mixed Martial Arts had best be ready to reckon with because Linda Shields, it seems, is about ready to take the industry by storm.

“Linda Shields is Action Martial Arts (14)the true definition of breaking barriers, she is a great example of reaching for your goals no matter what obstacles are in your way, All excuses are your own when you see a beautiful woman like Linda Shields rock the MMA promoting world by just being VERY good at what she does at a game dominating by males, with Dana White being the top dog on the major side, a side that we see Shields moving towards in the future.” said Louis Velazquez, host of the UCW Radio Show