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Beane -vs- Favors

Fans were wondering if the cage had been reinforced prior to super heavyweights Lee Beane and Bobby Favors squaring off and receiving their instructions at the middle of the cage before their title fight. Collectively, there was over 700 pounds in the cage between the two fighters and the referee, which left the fans knowing that something big was going to happen.

Off of the opening bell, the two fighters were finding their range and threw jabs along the way. Due to the size of the fighters, the fight took place at a slower pace than the rest of the bouts, as Beane started throwing constant unchecked leg kicks to try and take out the legs of Favors. “The Beast” continued to press forward, and as the round progressed, he found his range and started strategically throwing strong combinations. The punishment that Favors was taking was really starting to accumulate, and Beane read the moment just right as he swarmed at the four-minute mark. Shortly thereafter, Favors was forced to cover up and defend himself while the referee intervened.

Improving his record to 9-2, “The Beast” was awarded the TKO victory, and the vacant super heavyweight championship in the process.

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