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Cage FX

Skrzat -vs- Spiegel

Skrzat beats up “The Punching Bag”

With a nickname like “The Punching Bag”, one would think that Gerry Spiegel is able to take a lot of punishment. It didn’t take Steve Skrzat very long to find out just how much punishment he could actually take. Early in their fight, the Tri Force MMA fighter landed big strikes which resulted in Spiegel backing up and pressing his back against the cage to cover up. Punches, kicks and knees were all thrown with conviction by Skrzat, but he was unable to drop “The Punching Bag”. Realizing that he would tire himself out, Skrzat started intelligently picking his shots and paced himself with his strikes. With Spiegel’s back still against the cage, his opponent took him down where he continued to throw paced shots to end the round.

The second round was over just as soon as it started, as Skrzat appeared fresh off of the minute long intermission and slower paced end of the first round. He pressed forward and again had his opponent against the cage in complete defense mode, leaving the referee no choice but to step in to stop the fight and protect his opponent just 18 seconds into round two.

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