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Coutinho -vs- Smith

“The Banana” makes quick work of Smith in heavyweight title fight

The vacant heavyweight championship was on the line and was scheduled for five rounds, but Juliano Coutinho made it clear that he wanted to end the fight early. The fight started out with the two fighters sizing one another up and feeling each other out. “The Wolf” landed a nice combination in the early going, but ultimately was unable to do anything with it because Coutinho quickly scored a takedown against the cage in the aftermath.

The takedown was the beginning of the end for Smith as “The Banana” successfully threw the kitchen sink at his opponent, which caused him to try and scramble out from the bottom. The scramble allowed the Cape Cod Fighting Alliance fighter to gain control of Smith’s back where a variety of strikes caused referee Kevin MacDonald to step in and end it just before the two minute mark.

With the victory, Coutinho exited the cage as the CFX heavyweight champion.

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