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Favors -vs- King

“The Irish Hitman” comes up short against King

In the lone super heavyweight fight of the night, Bobby Favors couldn’t finish off his opponent. Early in the first round, Tyler King ate a huge right hand by “The Irish Hitman”. It looked as if the fight was going to be over right there as the Connor’s MMA fighter was in very rough shape, however he was somehow able to weather the storm after being rocked and continue to press on in the fight. King spent most of the remainder of the first round regaining his composure, and popping in and out quickly while throwing his strikes. It was clear that King had his senses back when he was able to get in tight to his well over 300-pound opponent and landed several big knees to his stomach.

It didn’t take long for the giant to fall in the second round as Favors conditioning caught up with him. King saw an opening and pounced on Favors vulnerability, which caused the big man to have to cover up and protect himself with his back against the cage. It didn’t take long for the referee to stop the fight, finishing off the comeback for King.

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