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Moore -vs- Warr

Moore awarded victory by disqualification

At the start of the fight, Jeff Moore shot for a quick takedown of his opponent, Dominic Warr. The takedown was successful, but despite being on his back, “Hawk” was busy and worked well off of his back. Warr continued to try to improve his position, however Moore stayed equally as busy on the top to ensure that he stayed where he was and didn’t fall victim to any submission attempts. Warr nearly had two separate armbars during the first round, but it was the South Shore Sport Fighting product ground and pounding out the round.

Not wanting to get trapped on the ground the way he did in the first round, “Hawk” charged right at his opponent off of the bell to start round two, only for it to backfire as Moore landed a double leg takedown and planted the Wai Kru fighter firmly on his back. The fighters were up against one of the corners of the cage as a result of the takedown making it difficult to see exactly what happened, but out of nowhere, the referee pounced in and stopped the busy fighters from continuing as Moore was out cold. At first, it appeared as though Warr had choked his opponent out using a guillotine choke, however it turned out that Warr had landed several strikes to the back of the head of Moore, knocking him out illegally.

While doctors checked in on the downed fighter, the referee huddled with members of the commission, who determined that “Hawk” would be disqualified due to the illegal strikes, declaring Moore the winner.

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