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Scott -vs- Tody

At CFX 17, Lauzon’s MMA product Evan Scott took down Ibraham Tody for the promotion’s amateur bantamweight title. Looking to add another title to his trophy case, Scott squared off against Amron Alievy for the amateur featherweight crown.

The first round was filled with action as Alievy put Scott on his back with a quick takedown, only for the two to return to their feet as fast as they went to the ground. Scott pressed forward, throwing multiple kicks and punches while doing so. Alievy struck back with a flurry of his own as the two battled out the round.

It was all Scott in the second round, as he continued to press forward. While the two were grappling in a standing clinch, Scott saw an opportunity to grab a triangle armbar by pulling guard. He came close with the submission attempt, but his opponent battled out of it.

The two came out swinging to start the third round, and Scott quickly ended up on his back as a result. Attacking from the top, Alievy landed a face stomp which temporarily paused the fight. There was no point deduction as the strike was deemed accidental; however, it was a sign of things to come as shortly thereafter, another timeout came as a result of Alievy landing a knee to the head of his opponent from a Muay Thai clinch. The strike was illegal under the rules of the amateur fight, and one point was taken from the Pin2Win fighter as a result.

Scott ended up on his back near the cage at the beginning of the fourth round. With his opponent standing and looking for punches to land, the Lauzon product quickly grabbed his opponent’s leg and looked for any type of leg lock he could find, which resulted in Alievy defending it and grabbing the fence as a result. After continuous warnings from the referee, he again had to pause the fight to take another point from Alievy for not letting go of the fence. From there, the two fighters had minor exchanges until the end of the round as the pace was clearly starting to slow.

The leg kicks that Scott had thrown throughout the fight finally started to pay off in the final round, as early on he landed a knockdown from the accumulation of damage from the continued strikes. Alievy was able to spring back up as the worn-out fighters threw punches at one another for the rest of the fight.

When the scorecards were tallied, it was announced that Scott took the unanimous decision with scores of 49-44, 48-45 and 48-45, adding another amateur title to his trophy case on what was a consensus fight of the night performance.

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