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Green -vs- Ortolani

Green defeats Ortolani by decision

The first round of the fight between Desmond Green and John Ortolani was fairly uneventful, as each fighter came out at a metered pace as if they knew right away that the fight was going three rounds. Green landed a takedown, but it was apparent that the Triumph BJJ fighter was prepared for it as he used the position to go for an armbar. That caused the fight to return to the feet, where the two circled one another, but were unable to land anything significant. The fight returned to the ground after “The Predator” caught a kick thrown by Ortolani, but it was Ortolani that ended up on top this time.

“The Predator” shot for a successful takedown early in the second round, and stayed on top for most of the round. The Team Bombsquad fighter wasn’t doing a lot from the top, but he was doing enough to keep the referee from standing the two fighters. With limited time left in the round, the fight returned to the feet.

The third round had a very similar feel to it as the round prior, only this time Ortolani was able to slap on several armbar attempts. Green did a great job defending the submission, preventing his opponent from extending the arm while picking him up and slamming him to the mat to break the hold. “The Predator” was able to stay on top and stay just busy enough to again keep the referee from standing them up.

When it was all said and done, the judges awarded Green the unanimous decision victory, with all three judges scoring the fight 29-28. With the victory, “The Predator” improved his record to 8-1.

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