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Moriayama -vs- Pierce

-165 AM

Team Florians Kensuke Moriayama -vs- Team Lauzons Greg Pierce

Catchweight (160 lbs.): Kensuke Moriayama def. Greg Pierce by unanimous decision (a)

The fight of the night went to Florian’s MMA product Kensuke Moriayama and Greg Pierce who fights out of Lauzon’s MMA.  The two amateurs went at it during the entire fight, however Moriyama’s judo was the story of the fight.  Any time Pierce was able to gain any momentum, the Florian’s MMA fighter would find a way to clinch and toss Pierce around like a rag doll.  It was close as the two started the third round, and Pierce landed some good shots and took the fight to the ground, however once again Moriayama got to the feet and tossed Pierce to the floor again.  The great display of judo by Moriayama gave him the nod, as he took home the unanimous decision victory.

original article by Brian McKennna –

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