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Mahmood -vs- Moy

Mahmood TKO’ed by “Kong”

The first round of the fight between Hassun Mahmood and Kin Moy was one of the more even rounds of the night. The two fighters had several even exchanges where both fighters would land solid strikes, but neither fighter truly getting the better of the other. “Kong” sprawled two takedown attempts by the Team Bombsquad fighter, but was unable to defend the third takedown attempt as Mahmood put his opponents back against the cage and dragged Moy down to the mat. The fighters didn’t stay in the position very long as Moy was able to wall walk back up and return the fight to the feet before the bell that ended the round.

Moy was able to sprawl off of another takedown attempt early in the second round, but this time used it to his advantage as he spun around and gained the back of his opponent. While mounted on his back, the Redline Fight Sports product landed big punches and a very strong knee to the body. The knee may have broke his opponents will, as it was smooth sailing from there for Moy as he flatted out his opponent from back mount to earn the TKO stoppage and improve his record to 2-0.

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