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Queen -vs- Armouti

-185 AM

Team Anubis Isiah Queen -vs Team Florians Sanad Armouti

Middleweight Title: Isiah Queen def. Sanad Armouti by submission (armbar). Round 1, 1:07 (a)

Isiah Queen had one of the more strange nights for the fighters, as he walked to the cage to get ready at the prep point, and had forgotten his athletic cup.  After running back to the locker room to get it, he entered the cage, only to learn that he was wearing professional gloves for his amateur bout.  Again, he had to return to the locker room to put the appropriate gloves on, and came out soon there after to start his fight against Sanad Armouti.  The ordeal that took place before the fight started ended up taking more than the fight itself, as Queen came right out and slammed Armouti to the mat.  He was taking his frustration out on his opponent by throwing huge strikes to his opponent.  Keeping calm and composed, Armouti was able to snatch one of the strikes and lock in an armbar, causing the Team. Anubis fighter to tap out, and win the amateur middleweight championshipin the process.

original article by Brian McKennna –


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