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Cage Fighting Xtreme 24 Fight Results – by Brian McKenna (


Cage Fighting Xtreme 24 Results: Griffin, Merritt, and Boyington capture gold

On Saturday, April 12, Cage Fighting Xtreme hosted its 24th event from the Dorchester Armory in Boston.The massive, 17-fight event was split between 11 amateur contests and six professional bouts.

Professional Results

In the main event of the evening, it was the promotions light heavyweight champion stepping up a weight class to take on Kevin Haley for the CFX heavyweight title.  Griffin had last been seen in the cage back in October 2011, and there was talk as to whether or not there would be ring rust.  The first round was mostly contested with Haley controlling Kevin against the fence, with Griffin trying to fight off of the cage with elbows to the head, similar to the way that Travis Browne put away Gabriel Gonzaga.  As they head into the second, the position returned to how it was in the first, but this time Haley got the fight to the ground where he wanted, only not to the position that he would have preferred.  The light heavyweight champion was able to advance his position and get into a postured mount position, where the ground and pound was too much for the Team Anubis fighter.  Griffin exited the cage off with the heavyweight title around his waist, his second CFX championship.

Jessie Merritt only needed a little more than two minutes to take down Joe McGann in their welterweight title fight.  Merritt came out and landed some big punches early, resulting in a quick knockdown.  The two grappled for position off of the knockdown briefly, however McGann returned to his feet, only to be the victim of a big combo by Merritt, which dropped McGann and resulted in the TKO victory for the Team Anubus fighter.

The lightweight title fight on the evening pinned Russo Kheubjashvili against Bruce Boyington.  The early rounds were completely controlled by Boyington, as he was the busier fighter, keeping the range and pace that he was setting.  Khubejashvili looked timid and didn’t really start to open up until start of the third round, after which he fell back into the way he was fighting in the first and second.  The Youngs MMA fighter took home the unanimous decision victory when the judges scorecards were read, and the belt went around Boyington’s waist.  Afterwards, it was revealed that Khubejashvili, who normally fights at featherweight, had taken the fight on very short notice, which could have explained why he was fighting the way he was.

Ryan White defeated Wayne Harnois in the second round of their welterweight contest after the doctors had to step in to evaluate a cut.  The cut came as a direct result of powerful elbows and punches from a side control position that White had gained in the second round.  With the victory, White improves his record to 3-1.

It was an unfortunate end to the bantamweight contest as in less than a minute, an accidental strike to the back of the head landed against Walter Smith Cotito thrown by Soap Am forced the fight to be stop, resulting in a no contest.

As soon as the bell rang to start the fight, Charlie Williams knocked Hector Sanchez to the ground.  “The Spartan” scrambled back to his feet quickly, but Williams picked Sanchez up and slammed his opponent into the mat.  “The King” moved straight to a postured full mount position, and the big ground and pound that came from it caused the referee to come in and end the fight by first round TKO.

Notable amateur action

Manny Bermudez walked out of cage with the amateur featherweight championship belt around his waist, after securing a triangle choke against Welly Sanchez.  The two had gone back and fourth during the first minute and thirty seconds of their bout, however after Sanchez carelessly dove into Bermudez’s guard, the submission hold was secured.

Trifecta MMA product Jeff Hsu captured amateur gold after he submitted Andrew Tripp in just over a minute of their welterweight fight.  A leg kick dropped Tripp to the floor, which caused Hsu to pounce and secure the back mount.  It was shortly thereafter when the fight winning rear naked choke was locked in, awarding the amateur title to Hsu.

Isiah Queen had one of the more strange nights for the fighters, as he walked to the cage to get ready at the prep point, and had forgotten his athletic cup.  After running back to the locker room to get it, he entered the cage, only to learn that he was wearing professional gloves for his amateur bout.  Again, he had to return to the locker room to put the appropriate gloves on, and came out soon there after to start his fight against Sanad Armouti.  The ordeal that took place before the fight started ended up taking more than the fight itself, as Queen came right out and slammed Armouti to the mat.  He was taking his frustration out on his opponent by throwing huge strikes to his opponent.  Keeping calm and composed, Armouti was able to snatch one of the strikes and lock in an armbar, causing the Team. Anubis fighter to tap out, and win the amateur middleweight championshipin the process.

Fighting out of Lauzon’s MMA, Yorgan Decastro displayed a great display of kicks as he was throwing and landing leg, body, and head kicks to Zack Beattie.  While the kicks controlled the fight, it was a big overhand right that landed flush to the chin of Beattie, making the referee jump in to stop the fight.

It took just 36-seconds for Sarah “Switch Kick” Click to land a knee to the stomach of Shannon Harney, of which dropped her straight to the canvas, ending the fight immediately.

The fight of the night went to Florian’s MMA product Kensuke Moriayama and Greg Pierce who fights out of Lauzon’s MMA.  The two amateurs went at it during the entire fight, however Moriyama’s judo was the story of the fight.  Any time Pierce was able to gain any momentum, the Florian’s MMA fighter would find a way to clinch and toss Pierce around like a rag doll.  It was close as the two started the third round, and Pierce landed some good shots and took the fight to the ground, however once again Moriayama got to the feet and tossed Pierce to the floor again.  The great display of judo by Moriayama gave him the nod, as he took home the unanimous decision victory.

Nash Roy needed less than a minute to earn the TKO victory over Bob Buker.  Roy slammed Buker early in the bout, and quickly got to mount as a result, where he punched his way to victory using his ground and pound.


Heavyweight Title: Mark Griffin def. Kevin Haley by TKO (punches). Round 2, 3:31
Welterweight Title: Jessie Merritt def. Joe McGann by TKO (punches). Round 1
Lightweight Title: Bruce Boyington def. Russo Khubejashvili by unanimous decision
Welterweight: Ryan White def. Wayne Harnois by TKO (doctor’s stoppage due to cut). Round 2, 4:10
Bantamweight: Soap Am and Walter Smith Cotito fight to a no-contest
Catchweight (190 lbs.): Charlie Williams def. Hector Sanchez by TKO (punches). Round 1, 1:03
Welterweight Title: Jeff Hsu def. Andrew Tripp by submission (rear-naked choke). Round 1, 1:06 (a)
Featherweight Title: Manny Bermudez def Welly Sanchez by submission (armbar). Round 1, 1:41 (a)
Middleweight Title: Isiah Queen def. Sanad Armouti by submission (armbar). Round 1, 1:07 (a)
Middleweight: Nash Roy def. Bob Buker by TKO (strikes). Round 1, 0:53 (a)
Catchweight (140 lbs.): Brian Rossi def. Steve Gaudette by TKO (punches). Round 2, 1:53 (a)
Catchweight (160 lbs.): Kensuke Moriayama def. Greg Pierce by unanimous decision (a)
Heavyweight: Sean Evans def. Jeff Soivilien by unanimous decision (a)
Women’s Flyweight: Sarah Click def. Shannon Harney by TKO (knee to stomach). Round 1, 0:36 (a)
Bantamweight: Chris Caterino def. Nick Spencer by submission (armbar). Round 1, 1:00 (a)
Light Heavyweight: Yorgan Decastro def. Zack Beattie by TKO (punches). Round 1, 2:30 (a)
Heavyweight: Rob Brown def. Bill Leahy by unanimous decision (a)(a) – denotes amateur contest


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