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CFX 18: Fight Results

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Here are the results from the CFX 18 show:

Cody Espanoilia def. Brian Allard (Unanimous Decision)
Jordan Smith def. Dave Brown (Rear-naked choke, 2:42 of Rd 1)
Renan Borgess def. Doug Miller (Unanimous Decision)
Jen Lopez def. Grace Nowak (Guillotine choke, 0:47 of Rd 1)
Bryan Pires def. Christian Barrett (Unanimous Decision)
Mike McDonald def. Jake Perry (KO(strikes), 2:05 of Rd 1)
John Rhodes def. Anthony Delesandro (Rear-naked choke, 2:34 of Rd 3)
Jeff Hsu def. Greg Morse (Rear-naked choke, 2:03 of Rd 1)
Louis Callaber def. Mike Tabar (Standing Guillotine choke, 2:50 of Rd 1)
Brian Sparrow def. Steve Erland (Triangle choke, 2:19 of Rd 1)
Cody Anderson def. Paul Nischo (Triangle choke, 2:15 of Rd 2)
Pat Walsh def. James Chaplin (TKO (Chaplin didn’t answer bell), 3:00 of Rd 1)
Wade Therrien def. Artie Mullen (TKO (Strikes), 0:51 of R1)
Bill Mahoney def. Hector Sanchez (Keylock, 0:56 of R1)
Pierre Pierry def. Chris Paolini (Rear-naked choke, 4:27 of R1)
Joe Lamaroux def. Gerry Spiegel (Unanimous Decision)
Lee Metcalf def. Fernando Perez (Tapout(injury), 4:48 of R1

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