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CFX 5 Review Northeast MMA

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CFX 5 Review Northeast MMA

CFX 5 review by Greg Saks.  Published: Sep 13th, 2009

CFX returned on Saturday night with their 5th show: Mayhem in Mansfield.   CFX 5 showed why the promotion has emerged as a big local player.  The event went off without a hitch, giving the large crowd 17 entertaining fights from bantamweight to super heavy.


They announced that CFX would be back on November 14th for Rumble in the Jungle 2, back at the Jungleplex in Plymouth MA.     I was at Rumble in the Jungle 1, and it’s an awesome venue for MMA.  There’s enough room inside the building that you can get really creative in how you set up the floorplan, and CFX did a great job last time.  Go check it out.

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